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Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Himalya Express Inc. provide dry van truckload services at reasonable rates with guarantee to deliver fast on time. We provide services to various locations round the clock throughout the year. With a practical approach to the freight management and with an excitement to meet customer satisfaction, we also provide unmatched LTL trucking service as per your business needs.
We have highly experienced driver to assure you that your job is done effectively and safely so that the customers do not have to bother about his cargo and look after his other activities of business.


FTL (Full Truckload)

Truck Load, one of the specialties of Himalya Express Inc. FTL is the movement of large amounts of cargo or freight. The amount of product necessary for truckload shipping would need to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. Full truckload shipping (FTL) is much different than less than truckload (LTL) shipping because LTL typically involves mixing freight from several different customers inside of each trailer.




Long Haul

We provide long haul trucking services throughout the Canada and from Canada to America. We have kept pace with all safety policy while crossing our borders to and from the Canada not just for the security issues, but also to avoid needless delays.






Himalya Express Inc. provides you cross docking services throughout the Canada. Cross docking is the process of unloading materials from an incoming trucks and loading these materials into outbound trucks.

Himalya Express Inc. uses cross docking for providing products to the distributors at short time. We have highly experienced team who handle the cross docking service and provide on time services to our clients.






We use warehousing service so that any kind of material and products are stored. Warehousing is the central location for storing, receiving and distributing products. Our company use logistic services for transport the products to our clients in timely manner and at right place.






Refrigerated Services

We providing integrated frozen and refrigerated logistics and distribution services for the food industry. We understand the importance of temperature-controlled transportation in the time-sensitive perishables supply chain. Using specialised temperature-controlled reefer/freezer trucks for refrigerated transport, we offer a seamless truck transportation chain for perishables and food items. We leverage controlled atmosphere reefer technology to increase product quality, shelf life, and decrease dehydration. We believe, our driving staff is our most critical asset as they carry the products whilst ensuring quality and safety.